An Interesting Similarity Between Kurdish, English and German

Kurdish, English and German belong to the same language family; therefore, it will not be surprising to see many common features. However the similarity we’ll deal with here is a bit more attention grabbing than these common features.

The words used to name female dog or she-dog are quite different in these languages. Their spellings and ,as a matter of course, their pronunciations are different. Nonetheless the words shares one attractive similarity: They all mean both female dog and whore and slut.

In Kurdish, the word “delık” is used to call female dogs. This word also used to call whore and slut.

In English, the word “bitch” is used to call female dogs. This word  also used to call female prostitute and slut. (The word has some other meanings)

In German, the word “die hündin” is used to call female dogs. The word also used to call bitch, female prostitute and slut.

That is to say, interestingly in these three languages, the word used to call female dog, is also used to call female prostitute, whore and slut. This similarity cannot be explained only by linguistic links. This similarity has its roots in cultural dimensions. The point I want to specify is the culture and mentality that established a mutual relation between stigmatised women -in accordance with the social values and norms-and female dog.

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