Human Beings as Aliens to Humanness

ferr.jpgBreathing; isn’t it interesting? What about sleeping? What could be more amazing than these two is breathing while sleeping. Did we talk about heartbeat? How can it pulsate all the time? And how can it beat every second without boring us or tiring us? Smelling, tasting, sense of touch all these are incomprehensibly interesting and fascinating at the same time.
How do we love? How do we cause or create our emotions? Do we create them? Do they really exist? Yes, they are, but how? Where or what is their source? I am not going into a philosophical debate, and I am not going to say “Look! These all somehow indicate that there is a creator, so we should believe in God.” I just want to point out the fact that we are not aware of ourselves. In this point I will use an argument similar of that of Marx -in which he says: They know it, but they are doing it anyway- I will say: “We know it, but we live just as we don’t know it.” We know all about these I mentioned above, but as we are not capable of outrightly comprehending it, we pretend to be unaware of it.fer.jpg

Death as a reality is the most interesting thing in living beings life. However, It’s just the human being that is aware of this fact, and that pretend to be an eternel living creature. We can write lenghty books about these issues, but it doesn’t need to be. Because everything is very clear. We as human beings cannot comprehend the complexity we have in many aspects, therefore; we behave as we are not aware of ourselves. There is nothing to do, there is no explanation or maybe we should say that no explanation produced yet. Human beings do not like mysteries and unknown things, thus; we choose to escape from ourselves. It’s the most practical way to live with happiness. We choose to be alien to ourselves. We choose to ignore ourselves. We choose to escape from our reality just to be happier, but the reality will never forget.

A not to myself: A few days after I wrote this article, I have read S. Freud’s “Uncanny.” I noticed that he also deals with the mysteriousness of death among people in “Uncanny.” (I am taking a course which requires me to read Freud, so it was by chance that I noticed this.)

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