Erasmus: Statement of Purpose

Here is my statement of purpose for Erasmus…


As I am interested in academic career, and want to have postgraduate academic degree, being an Erasmus will be quite beneficial for me. First of all, being an Erasmus, enable me the opportunity to study in another country. And then, I have the opportunity to experience something new, different ways of teaching, which can be better than the ones in my own country. There are countries where the standards of education are different and better than those in my country. That is, Erasmus will give me the chance to experience and compare different education systems. Secondly, I want to advance my abilities in communication in a foreign language. Even if one knows the vocabulary and grammar of a foreign language, the best way to be able to freely communicate in that language is to live for some time there. Hence, Erasmus will provide me the advantage to speak English more fluently. Moreover, I want to reinforce my CV. Erasmus gives one the opportunity to have documents received from both host and own university.

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There are many advantages of being an Erasmus in that it provides opportunity for social and personal growth and to broaden ones horizons. Firstly, Erasmus enables people to uncover different cultures. Experiencing the different cultures will be helpful for my personal and social growth. In addition to this, being an Erasmus is a good chance to make friends all over the world. Together we can make activities and know something about each other’s customs and culture. Then, as an Erasmus student one has the possibility to take part in many organizations which imply traveling in different cities and know better the country you are visiting. I think, all these social and cultural activities are very important for my personal as well as social growth. These activities will help me learn how to adapt the culture of foreign country, live with foreign people and work in multicultural teams. Furthermore, Erasmus is beneficial to develop self-efficiency. Living alone in a foreign country, will lead me to organize my own life; for instance, learning how to do my budget, and get used to live far away from my family.

To sum up, Erasmus will help me build a strong, intellectual and more tolerant character. Advantage of having strong character and speaking English fluently as well as experiencing new and different cultures are not ignorable, but very important sides of Erasmus for me.

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