Fishing in the Air

A few minutes ago I’ve watched a video in which a little sweet boy with his little fishhook catches an unfortunate fish. Watching this I remembered my own memory  at around age of 12 year-old.

                                                                                          A Flying Fish?

I was fishing in my small village located in Mesopotamia at the side of Tigris River. I realized that I have no more bait for fishhook. I just decided to give a short break; therefore, I put my fishhook out of water. The fishhook stayed out of water, it was hanging on the water with no bait. It’s distance to the water surface was about 10-15 cm. It took me about 20-30 minutes to find some more bait and turn back.


Once I saw my fishhook I started to laughing loudly because what I saw was unbelivable for me. There was a fish catched by the fishhook. It’s still a good and an interesting memory to remember.

I know fishing very well. Sometimes you cannot catch a fish for hours despite the fishhook with bait. Thus, it’s unbelivable to fish in the air. To tell the truth, it was not me that catched the fish, it was unluckiness of the fish and ability of the fishhook that caused the unlucky fish to be catched in the air.

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