Imposing Saudi Arabia and It’s Prince as The Protector of The Islam

Robert Satloff is executive director of The Washington Institute for Near East Policy.  Satloff has published an article on a website which mainly deals with -as it’s named- foreign policy and the article is about current issues in the Middle East, especially the decision of Trump administration to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. This article is quite attention-grabbing not because it deals with the situation in Palestina, but because it deals with the reaction and the position of the Saudi Arabia to  this illegal decision.

Satloff’s all struggle through whole article is to polish and brighten Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed Bin Salman. Given the main aim of the author, it’s not difficult to guess that the article is full of garbage and empty assertions.

The article starts with the following nonsense phrase: “Saudi Arabia, the protector of the Islam…” What a protector! A protector that is produced by the Western media, but not by the peoples of Muslim countries. In deed, no Muslim country sees Saudi family or state as the protector of Islam. The existence of two holiest sites of Islam gives no superiority, but obligations to Saudi Arabia. These obligations are not those like building huge constructions right beside Kaaba to make more money from these holy sites. In other words, Saudi Arabia has duty to service all incoming Muslim visitors  from all around the globe, but not to seek the best ways to make money from the visitors. Shortly, Saudi Arabia must be the servant of the remaining Muslim world without exploiting the holy sites. Sorry! Our subject was the approach that impose Saudi Arabia as the protector of the Islam, but it’s unnecessary even to discuss on this issue, because Saudi Arabia has no such a title nor it will. Nonetheless, they can be a good servant of the Muslim world, if they keep themselves away from being the exploiter of the holy sites.

After imposing Saudi Arabia as “the protecter of Islam!”, the author starts to polish The Prince Mohammed Bin Salman. His passiveness toward Donald Trump’s decision for Jerusalem is welcomed and he is viewed as the model leader.

To sum up, as it’s not worth to discourse on such an artificial topic, Saudi Arabia and it’s “model leader!” has much to do with the benefits of the West. Thus, it’s quite normal to see such attempts to exalt Saudi Arabia and it’s prince.

Here is that polishing article

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