Is Human Being Selfish?

I know most of people will think it is nothing more than a self-reflecting thought when I say “human beings are very selfish.” I am not sure about such a generalisation. However, I do believe that every human being has the potential to be selfish. I mean it’s there, it’s in our soul, in our mind, in our body it’s just there and waiting to supress our desired, good behaviours, feelings and emotions. We keep it beneath our desired feelings and emotions if we benefit from it to be hidden there. But we call it into action whenever we like to be or want to be selfish. So, its use depends on our benefits at a time. Whether we show or hide our selfishness depends on our benefits. If this is the matter, than there is no way to be not selfish.

Being selfish is a reality for human beings. Can we explain it by the words “bad” and “good”? That is to say, can we conclude that someone selfish is bad and vice versa, and someone not selfish is good and vice versa. Is it the case? Definitely not… We are good guys because we feel happy in that way, we want to help others because we become happy when we see their content. Thinking in this way, every human action can be linked to selfishness. Such a approach can easily be criticised. To reach a certain conclusion, we need to know what selfish and selfishness mean. For this, you can look at a dictionary. However, regardless of what its meaning is in dictionaries, I do believe that being selfish or not is the matter of the benefits at a time.



There are the moments that a person behaves selfishly, but it’s a temporary thing. Selfishness is not a permanent thing hidden in our soul, mind or body. Thus, I do not agree with the above argument stating human being is a selfish creature.

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