The Epic of Air-Conditioner

Today early morning at ten o’clock
I’ve been to a hospital full of public.
Entering building to see my doctor
I saw people depressed of extremely hot weather.

There’s an air-conditioner but it was turned off!
All the people were sweltering, the only thing they did was grunting with vexation.
The door was opened though, no one could breathe indoor.

Seeing the door opened, I closed it.
Noticing there’s a button on the air-conditioning, I turned it on.
The hall started to get fresh and cold air.
Everyone runned to get close to the air-conditioner.

Seeing them they’re happy to notice there’s an air-conditioner inside, I was upset.
How they could be so in a vegetative state?

There’s a button.
All you need is to turned it on…

At that moment, I got the point.
Most of the country is in the same state.
They need something,
And they have what they need,
But they are not capable of benefiting from it.
They also need someone else, to enable them to use what they already have.

All in all, the epic of air-conditioner ends here.
I am the hero of the epic of air-conditioner.
But we need someone else to be hero of the epic of heater in winter.

In fact, we need a hero to save us from this vegetative state.

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