The Ideal Time for Shopping (Food)

Is it possible to talk about an ideal time for shopping? Yes, it is. We can talk about different times; it can be winter if you think of t-shirts, it can be summer if it is a coat or jacket to buy, it can be early morning, afternoon or midnight depending on what and where you buy.

pretzels-1663462_960_720If we regard to food when is the best time for shopping? We can think of various time periods again depending on different criteria. However, it’s quite easy to suggest when to escape shopping. The worst time to shop is the time when one is hungry. Being hungry causes us to buy more things and more expensive things. Thus, the best time for shopping is the time one feels full. burger-500054_960_720


I just have experinced myself; I do buy and spend more and more when I am hungry. On the contrary, I buy and spend much less when I feel filled or not hungry.

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